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Long-Term Impacts of a Violent Crime Conviction

  • When you’re accused of committing a violent crime, it may feel like you don’t have grounds to defend yourself. You may think the penalties can’t be too bad, especially if you’re facing misdemeanor charges. But even a misdemeanor can leave you facing severe penalties after a conviction. 

    When you’re facing a violent crime conviction that could impact your future, accepting the conviction may not be the answer. You may instead need a Raleigh violent crime lawyer on your side to help you avoid the consequences of a conviction. 

    Prison Time 

    When you’re accused of a violent crime, your first concern may be jail or prison time, depending on whether you’re accused of a misdemeanor or felony crime. For most violent crimes, you may be facing felony charges, which means you may spend many years to the rest of your life in prison. 

    This penalty can completely isolate you from your family, your friends, and your future. You may have few or no chances to get your life back to normal if you choose not to fight those felony charges. 

    Financial Impacts 

    Even if you serve your prison sentence, you may find yourself facing high financial penalties because of your conviction. These fines can take thousands of dollars from you, and that may be thousands of dollars you don’t have. 

    Few people have the opportunity to serve their prison sentence and make a living wage while doing so. You may have trouble making money to pay off these debts even after you finish your prison sentence and are released. All these things can lead to more difficulties with putting your criminal conviction behind you. 

    Your Criminal Record 

    Even if you successfully complete your prison sentence and pay off your fines, you may still have trouble recovering completely because of your criminal record. When you’re convicted of a violent crime, that goes on your criminal record, which may be available to anyone performing a background search. 

    Let’s say you’re looking for a job after being released from prison. You may be qualified and a great fit, but your potential employer sees that you have a felony on your record. They may choose to hire someone else because of that record. 

    Worse, it can be difficult or sometimes impossible to clear your record. While sealing or expungement may be an option for those who haven’t been convicted, these options may not be available to you after a conviction. 

    Defend Your Case Before a Conviction 

    When you’re accused of a violent crime, your future is at risk. You may face penalties that impact your life and feel like you’re without any way to avoid them. That may be true even if you pay your dues and serve your time. 

    The best way to fight to avoid these long-term penalties is to defend your case with a lawyer at The Chetson Firm. Your lawyer can help you gather evidence that shows your innocence or otherwise raises doubt about your guilt. That can be tough without strong legal counsel for your case. When you’re ready to get the experienced legal aid you need, call 919-352-9411 or visit us online for more contact options.