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  • People need lawyers for many reasons. Sometimes, they might have run afoul of the law and need an attorney to help defend them from criminal charges. Other times, someone injured them in an accident, or need help to resolve a child custody dispute after a divorce. 

    The reasons people need a lawyer can be complex, but one thing that’s often true is they don’t think of lawyers until they need one. If you’re like them, you might need some help to figure out which type of lawyer you need, and for what. 

    Read on to learn more about the different legal services a Phoenix law firm can offer you. 

    The Different Types of Law Firms in Phoenix

    Generally, lawyers either work in private practice at a law firm, in-house at a company, or for the government, although some may also work in consulting or other areas. 

    When you work with a law firm in Phoenix, you’ll address some specific legal issue you’re having. Therefore, it’s indispensable to know what you’re looking for in an attorney, and how their specific experience can help you. 

    Some of the different types of law firms in Phoenix include:


    • Criminal Defense Firms – Criminal defense firms provide legal defense and counsel to people who are under investigation, being questioned, or have been charged with a crime. Every person accused of a crime has the right to court-appointed defense, but these public defenders are often overworked and under-paid—so people go to criminal defense firms to get the best representation possible.
    • Family Law Firms – Another huge area of private practice for law firms involves family law. Family lawyers work with clients to help them address any number of issues related to their private family lives, such as divorces, custody and visitation rights, and spousal support. 
    • Business Law Firms – Business law firms provide legal counsel and services to corporations that need their assistance. Whenever you run a business, there will invariably be a mountain of paperwork that needs done, and businesses also need advising on legal issues related to their businesses, such as regulatory compliance, leasing, and acquisitions. Some companies choose to keep paid lawyers on staff; others hire out these services to private firms. 
    • Personal injury Law Firms – Finally, personal injury lawyers work within an area of law known as torts, or tort law. Also commonly referred to as civil law, personal injury law involves lawyers who represent private individuals or families who seek compensation for a private wrongdoing. For example, when someone drives carelessly and causes you injuries, you could file a claim against the individual responsible. 


    When an accident occurs and you suffer losses, it can be a very painful and expensive process to go through. If someone else is to blame, a personal injury lawyer can help you bring a claim against that person in order to recover financial compensation. 

    Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Phoenix Today

    When you suffer injuries in an accident and someone else is to blame, you want a qualified lawyer with a respected reputation working on your behalf. At Zachar Law Firm, P.C. a personal injury lawyer with specialist credentials can give you the peace of mind you need to recover compensation with confidence. 

    Call 602-494-4800 to set up your free consultation with Zachar Law Firm, P.C. and discover the difference a personal injury specialist can make.