What is Law Referral Connect?

Law Referral Connect is the most technologically advanced Nationwide Law Referral and Information Service. Today's technology using social networking as a means of communication has greatly enhanced interactions between people, businesses, advertising and keeping current within a specific community. With Law Referral Connect, the specific community is related to the field of Law. Attorneys, Law Firms, Law Students, Law Makers, and the Public can now have a specialized social networking website to interact and network with others within the law community.


Among many of our available services, we provide a way for the public to find an attorney in our directory, be able to see Education Credentials, Profile Updates, the Attorney's reviews and have the ability to live chat with the attorney. Law Students have the ability to network with each other, share documents with their friends, apply to Law Firms and more. Law Referral Connect also provides the Sponsored Attorney or Law Firm a service of being able to interact with the community, their collegues, members of a certain group, keep timeline information available for their clients, create advertisements to display their practice, accept resumes from potential applicants and many more great features. Our services are free to the Public and our Paid Directory Listings are only charged a low fee to be listed within their city's specific law referral website within their choice of specialty(ies), have an account with Law Referral Connect, and have their advertisement run and targeted to their choice of a specific group if so choosen. There are no outside referral fees, charges or anything that would add to the cost for a client.


Our proprietary feature rich network make for an enjoying experience for all involved.  See our blog on the features we offer in our Directory Listings.