How do I post to facebook using Law Referral Connect?

Posting to facebook is very easy. You must also be signed into facebook and have accepted the apps permissions. If you have not done this, the app will guide you though it during your first post. When writing an update to a profile page or group, you can select whether to simultaneously post it to your facebook page. To do this, click on the small facebook logo beside the "Share" button. Clicking the button will highlight it blue and enable the simultaneous posting to your facebook wall. Clicking the button again will turn the feature off, the button will not be highlighted blue, and your posts will only display on Law Referral Connect.


Alternatively, you can view and post directly to your facebook wall via your member home page. On the member home page in the activity feed section, the listings for "What's New" will display all activity on Law Referral Connect. If you click the tab for "Facebook", it will bring up all your facebook activity feeds and you can post directly to your facebook wall.