Are you unable to login?

If you have set up an account with us at Law Referral Connect, you will need to verify your email address by clicking on the link in the email we send upon account activation. If you have activated your account this way and are still unable to login, please send us feedback with the blue "Feedback" tab at the left hand edge of every page and we will assist you in getting your login information reset.


If you are spontaneously unable to login, it could be due to a misspelled username or password. Verify the spelling, and if you unable to login, you can reset your password at the failed login screen. Once your login username is verified, you will be directed to check your email for a new password reset link.


If you are still having issues loging in with our direct login system, send us feedback, from the left hand side blue "Feedback" tab on every page.


If you are having issues loging in with another social networking application, verify the permissions with the specific network application.