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Co-Parenting With Your Ex? There’s an App for That

  • Co-parenting after a split is rarely easy, especially if the relationship with your ex-partner is contentious. It is normal to be concerned about your ex’s parenting abilities, stressed out about child support or other financial issues, and worn down by conflict. Co-parenting amicably can give your children the stability, security, and close relationship they need.


    Unless there is a problem with domestic violence in the family, child abuse or substance abuse, New Jersey courts will encourage and order co-parenting relationships and share legal custody among the parents. That means that both parents have an active role in their children’s daily lives.


    Joint custody arrangements are infuriating, exhausting, and fraught with stress. If you had communication problems in your relationship before the split, the communication problems will continue. It can be extremely difficult to deal with an ex. Making shared decisions, interacting with each other at drop-offs – or just talking can sometimes feel impossible.


    It is possible to develop an amicable working relationship with your ex for the sake of your children. There are a number of new apps downloaded to smartphones that can help parents do just that.




    Scheduling and Info Sharing


    The following apps help co-parents schedule drop-offs and pick-ups and communicate important events like parent-teacher conferences and activity schedules.


    • Our Family Wizard
    • Cosi Family Organizer
    • Fayr
    • Google Calendar
    • 2houses
    • AppClose
    • Custody Connection
    • Parentship
    • SharedCare
    • Coparenting
    • Kidganizer
    • Skedi


    Online Safety


    The following apps help parents control their child’s digital devices and protect them online. This will be especially comforting when your children are not physically with you. They are:


    • Qustudio
    • Kaspersky SafeKids


    Lastly, some parents keep their child’s art creations and achievements in boxes. Keepsakes can be stored electronically with an app called Artkive.


    All these apps can be shared among the co-parents and establish a central command for the details of managing the family relationship. It has an added benefit of keeping a record of your communications in the event a dispute arises.


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