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Scheduling a Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney

  • If you or a family member has suffered an injury in an accident and you think another party is at least partially at fault, you are probably wondering if compensation might be available through an insurance claim or lawsuit. In order to get a better idea of what your options might be, you should talk to an attorney. Taking action, or deciding not to take action, without fully understanding your situation and legal rights would be a mistake.


    There are many issues that need to be resolved before you can decide whether or not to pursue a lawsuit. Speaking with an personal injury attorney can resolve your questions and clear up misunderstandings you may have about the law. This consultation should allow you to make an informed decision on what to do next.


    You don’t know what you don’t know


    Do you realize how little you know about negligence and insurance law?


    Injury cases normally are based on a negligence theory. That means that the other party owed you some kind of duty (to drive reasonably or keep a sidewalk clear of known hazards, for example); the party failed to live up to that duty; an accident happened; and you were injured as a result.


    You may or may not know what duties were owed to you or by whom. There may be more than one responsible party. You also may not know for sure whether you could be compensated for the harm you’ve suffered and, if so, for how much.


    The vast majority of personal injury cases are resolved through settlement, not because of a trial. Almost all of the defendants (the parties being sued) have insurance to cover this potential liability and to pay for a legal defense. Whether or not you obtain compensation, and its amount, may be based on insurance law.


    You may think you can handle negotiating with an insurance company and resolve the issue yourself, but the situation may be more complicated than you think.


    • There may be other parties at fault that you don’t know about.
    • There may be clear evidence of negligence you’re missing because you don’t know negligence law.
    • You may say or write something or sign a form or document that could severely limit your legal rights or the amount of compensation you can obtain.
    • Your claim may be worth much less or much more than you think. You can’t come to a reasonable settlement without knowing what your claim is worth.


    Speaking with an attorney may be easier than you think


    Personal injury attorneys normally take cases on a contingency basis. This means they’re compensated by a percentage of the settlement amount or verdict. Attorneys need good cases so they and their staff can earn an income. By offering free consultations, attorneys have an opportunity to learn about cases that may be attractive. Potential clients can decide whether a legal action is a good idea and whether the attorney would be a good choice for them.


    Attorneys who help clients with personal injury cases generally offer free consultations. You may also be able to meet with an attorney at night, on a weekend, at your home, office or at the hospital where you’re being treated. Personal injury attorneys understand that your injury is making what could be a complicated life more complex and will go the extra mile to meet with you.


    Don’t delay scheduling a consultation. There are time limits on filing lawsuits, and critical evidence in your case might be lost over time.


    Because there’s no cost to you and the attorney should be flexible in scheduling your appointment, if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, getting a free consultation should be an easy choice to make. It will take some time, but it won’t cost you any money. You could gain a lot of useful information and critical advice to help you decide whether filing a legal action is right for you.