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Pretrial Divorce Case Discovery Process

  • If you’ve decided to file for divorce, you may be wondering what the pretrial discovery process for divorce cases is like. Discovery is the process of sharing documentation and information between the two parties on opposing sides of a legal case— a family law case, in this instance.


    Informal Discovery

    Informal discovery is when both sides of the divorce case share documentation and information willingly and freely. This can be helpful because the process moves more quickly and amicably and is less costly. More information can be obtained this way.

    The only downside to informal discovery is that the information has not been given under oath. If a dispute arises later, you can’t claim the other side committed perjury.


    Formal Discovery

    Formal discovery is the court-ordered disclosure of documents or information to the other side in the case.

    Formal discovery could consist of any of the following:

    • Depositions
    • Interrogations
    • Court-ordered examinations of people or property
    • Motions for physical or mental examinations
    • Subpoenas

    The discovery process is an important step in filing for a divorce. Both sides need to be fully aware of the other’s assets in order to come to an agreement regarding the division of assets.


    California Divorce Lawyer

    Whether formal or informal discovery is a part of your divorce proceedings, you will need to consult with your divorce attorney to find the best way forward.

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