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Why Are Motorcycle Accidents So Costly?

  • The main reason why motorcycle accidents are so costly is because they’re likely to result in more severe injuries and property damage than other types of road accidents. Motorcycle riders rely on minimal safety gear and no external cover like that of a car to protect them from the impacts of a crash. 

    Unfortunately, this is often not enough protection and most victims end up with severe or life-altering injuries from an accident. Some even lose their lives. Treating these injuries and taking care of expenses brought by the accident will eat into your finances and can even put you in debt. 

    If you’re nursing injuries from a motorcycle wreck that you didn’t cause, it’s best to evaluate whether your case qualifies for compensation. Here, you might need the legal expertise of a Seattle motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the law and knows how to get you the justice you deserve. 

    Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    To understand why injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents are so severe and costly, it’s crucial to learn some of the ways these crashes happen.

    • Distracted Drivers – Inattentive drivers can cause serious injuries because they have little or no time to react.
    • Impaired Drivers – Driving under the influence of alcohol and other substances weakens motor, as well as decision-making skills on the road. 
    • Reckless Drivers – Other careless road behaviours such as speeding, tailgating, changing lanes without indicating, and disobeying traffic signals can also cause costly motorcycle wrecks.
    • Poor Road Conditions – Unlike motor vehicles, a motorcycle has reduced stability, and road hazards like potholes or poorly designed bumps can easily cause a rider to lose control.
    • Defective Motorcycle Parts – When a motorcycle part is not properly designed or there are errors during manufacturing, it can easily malfunction and cause serious injuries, including burns. 

    How Much Can You Recover from a Motorcycle Accident Claim?

    Given the high cost associated with motorcycle accidents, can you recover all the losses caused by the crash successfully? Yes, you can file a claim and receive a settlement award that covers all the way the accident negatively affected your life. 

    The first step will be to quantify and assign a monetary figure to your losses.

    Some of the damages recovered from most motorcycle claims include medical treatment expenses (both current and future costs), damages to property, income lost while recuperating, losing the ability to earn a living, pain and emotional distress, reduced quality of life, and so on.

    The amount of compensation you'll receive will vary based on your unique circumstances. Do leave any details out when consulting with your lawyer to ensure you pursue the maximum compesantion availible.

    Schedule a Consultation with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    The cost of a motorcycle accident can run up to millions of dollars, especially due to medical treatment expenses. When you’re the victim and didn’t contribute to the wreck, you shouldn’t have to carry this financial burden. 

    Speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer from Craig Swapp & Associates to know how you can get started with recovering all the damages you’ve suffered. Call us at 1-800-404-9000 or visit our website to learn more about our free initial consultations.