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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Attorneys

  • Physical abuse in nursing home facilities is defined as the use of force against a person that results in physical pain, injury or impairment. Besides physical assault such as pushing, shoving and hitting, it also includes the inappropriate use of restraints and drugs, as well as confinement.

    The reasons for this type of abuse are varied and depend upon the condition of the resident, the circumstances of their placement and the nursing home facility itself. Perpetrators of this kind of violence may be staff that feel overworked, underpaid and stressed. Victims are usually vulnerable due to physical or mental conditions that preclude them from defending themselves or reporting the abuse to the authorities. Sexual abuse is also physical abuse and is defined as contact with resident without the resident’s consent. Emotional abuse is less obvious to the untrained eye and occurs when staff speaks to or treats the resident in ways that cause emotional pain and distress, such as:


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