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Do I Have to Go to Court for a Car Accident?

  • Many people need compensation to recover after a car accident. However, some people will avoid the process due to a fear of going to court or speaking in front of a jury. Keep reading to see how the process actually works and when a visit to the courthouse becomes necessary for car accident claims.

    Settling Out of Court 

    Most car accidents are settled out of court. This is because it’s pretty easy to establish liability when it comes to car accidents. The police reports, witnesses, and security cameras will probably easily tell you who was at fault. 

    If the other person knows they are liable, they will probably not dispute the claim or try to fight it in court. It’s not in their best interest to fight the claim because they face paying more expenses by fighting a losing legal battle.

    So, the liable party will choose to reach a settlement with you and move on. However, there are some cases where you might find yourself in court after a car accident. 

    A Settlement Can’t Be Reached 

    One of the main reasons a car accident case might go to court is if a settlement can’t be reached. If the liable party or their insurer will not agree to the amount you are asking for you, you might need to negotiate further.

    Usually, the other party will have an attorney that negotiates for them, so they don’t have to pay as high of a settlement. Negotiations will usually go back and forth. The person who is liable will usually agree to a settlement before the case goes to court. 

    However, if they will not agree, you might find yourself visiting a courtroom to get the settlement you deserve. Allow your lawyer to guide you through the entire process, as they will do all the heavy lifting regarding your claim.

    Filing a Lawsuit 

    Many people think if a lawsuit is filed, they are going to be required to go to court. More often than not, settlements are made out of court. If you partner with a lawyer, your attorney will talk to the other person’s lawyer to discuss the settlement option without appearing in the courtroom. 

    Partnering with a Lawyer 

    It can be hard to negotiate without a lawyer's experience when you need compensation to get your life back on track. Your lawyer has experience gathering evidence, meeting deadlines, quantifying the value of your losses, and negotiating with big insurance companies. Many car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means they don't get paid until you do. Rest assured and know your lawyer is working hard to make sure you get every penny you’re owed.  

    Get Ahold of a Car Accident Attorney Today 

    When you’re hurt and need compensation to pay your bills and make a recovery, you need a Riverside car accident attorney. When you’re ready to take back control of your life, the car accident experts at Kohan & Bablove LLP are here to help. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 1-844-404-2400 or visit their website online.