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Types of Crimes Involving Alcohol

  • It’s clear that alcohol can play a large role in criminal activity. Drinking alcohol lowers your inhibitions, can cause your judgment to suffer, and can increase violent tendencies. If you commit a criminal act while under the influence, you may face serious consequences.

    Penalties like jail or prison time, fines, and other punishments can be imposed for your alcohol-related crimes. You also put others’ lives in jeopardy when you engage in alcohol-related behaviors, such as drinking and driving.

    A staggering number of incarcerated people have reported that they were under the influence of alcohol at the time of their violent offenses.


    There Is a Link Between Crime and Alcohol

    The top six alcohol-related crimes, aside from drinking and driving, are the following:

    • Homicide – Alcohol can quickly increase the potential for violence, and situations can turn deadly.
    • Robbery – Alcohol is known to intensify feelings that are already under the surface. If you are feeling financially desperate, you’re far more likely to act on those feelings as alcohol magnifies them.
    • Sexual Assault – When you drink alcohol, all aggressive behaviors can intensify. This can lead to sexual assault.
    • Aggravated Assault – Irritability and mood swings are a common side effect of alcohol abuse. If you drink alcohol, your mood can change quickly and violence can occur—sometimes quite suddenly or unexpectedly.
    • Child Abuse – There are many triggers that lead to alcohol abuse, but once you become an alcohol abuser, you are, statistically, more likely than those who don’t abuse alcohol to neglect or abuse your children.
    • Intimate Partner Violence – Alcohol abuse can lead to aggression and violence, which might cause you to turn to intimidation or other forms of controlling behavior to get your partner to do what you want.


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