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Get Help After Your Single-Vehicle Accident

  • Often, accidents happen between two vehicles after one or both of them makes a mistake. In cases like these, it's usually pretty clear that one of them is at fault. But what if you were all alone on the road when your accident happened?  

    It may seem pretty cut-and-dried, but the truth is that even single-vehicle accidents can be a little complex. If you've been in a one-car crash, there might have been another cause that led to your injuries, and you may be owed compensation for it.

    If you're not sure what caused your accident, speak to an attorney about your case. If your accident was caused by another person's negligence, you'll need help getting your compensation.


    Hazardous Road Conditions

    Let's say you're driving and you hit a huge pothole. It's been complained about before, but no one came to fix it. It damaged your car and caused you to lose control, crashing your vehicle. You're hurt, but you were the only one involved.

    While you may have been the one to lose control, the road conditions should have been bettered before anyone crashed. These accidents can be prevented, but the correct party didn't take the necessary care to prevent your injuries.

    In these cases, the Department of Transportation might be held responsible for your claim. While suing a government agency is never easy, they should have acted to improve the road conditions before an accident happened. Since it happened because of their carelessness, however, you could be eligible for compensation.


    Defective Products

    Alternately, the road might not have been a problem at all. Let's say instead that you were driving and something malfunctioned on your car. Whether it's a newer car or a newer part, something went out when it shouldn't have, and you were unable to prevent a crash. Say you find out after the crash that your brakes went out unexpectedly because they were made of a weak material.

    Your accident may then have been caused by someone else's carelessness. In these cases, the manufacturer might not have taken the care and attention necessary to ensure that their products were safe. When they don't do this, they're being careless with your safety, and you're the one paying for it.

    If you suspect that your accident might have been caused by a dangerous product, reach out for help investigating your claim. A lawyer will have the resources to help determine what caused your accident and who's responsible.


    Get Help After Your Single-Vehicle Accident

    An accident can be painful, and you might even have been severely injured. But if you were the only one involved in your accident, what can you do about your case?

    Fortunately, you can contact a lawyer from Colley Firm, PC about your incident. Even though you were the only car involved, there may be other responsible parties who should compensate you for your pain and suffering. Again, even if you were the only driver involved, you may deserve compensation for your injuries.

    If you suspect that your accident wasn't your fault, even though it was a single-vehicle accident, reach out for a free consultation. Our car accident attorneys can be reached at 1-877-411-2001, or you can visit us online for more information.