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Massachusetts Dog Bite Laws Explained

  • When you are bitten by a dog in Massachusetts, there are specific laws you’ll want to be aware of when you begin the process of filing a civil lawsuit against the owner of the dog.

    These might include how long you’ll have to actually file your claim and if and when you’ll be able to hold the dog’s owner accountable for the pet’s actions. Read on to learn more about the Massachusetts dog bites laws you need to know.


    The Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Claims

    It is critically important that you file your dog bite claim prior to the statute of limitations running out. In Massachusetts, this is three years from the date of the attack or from the date you are diagnosed with an injury or illness that stems from the dog bite.

    If you fail to file your claim before the time limit runs out, you will be barred from seeking personal injury compensation for your damages.


    Strict Liability in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts follows what’s referred to as “strict liability” when considering who is at fault for a dog’s harmful behavior. The dog’s owner will always be found responsible for the damage caused by his or her dog, regardless of whether the dog has previously shown signs of being dangerous.

    In fact, the dog bite statute specifically states that any injuries caused by a dog—not just a dog bite—will be the responsibility of the dog’s owner.

    The only instances when the dog’s owner will not be liable for your damages are when you were either provoking the dog to be violent or trespassing on the dog owner’s property at the time of the attack.


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