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Types of Bone Fractures and Breaks

  • Fractured and broken bones are among the most common injuries in personal injury cases. Traumatic fractures can happen in car wrecks and other accident types when the bones are subjected to excessive pressure due to impact or twisting.

    There are 7 million bones broken in the United States each year, and the average American can expect to suffer at least two fractures or breaks during his or her lifetime.


    Simple and Compound Fractures

    There are two basic kinds of broken bones: simple and compound fractures. A simple fracture does not puncture the skin. In a compound fracture, however, the broken bone pierces the skin. Compound fractures are more serious because they carry an increased risk for infection.


    Other Types of Fracture Injuries

    A third type of fracture, a greenstick fracture, is most often found in children. In this type of fracture, the bone bends rather than breaks. In an impacted or buckle fracture, the ends of two bones are driven into each other, causing breakage of the end of one or both bones.

    A comminuted fracture is one of the most debilitating of fracture injuries. Often seen in crush injuries, it occurs when the bone is broken into small fragments. Avulsion fractures, which occur when a part of the bone is ripped away, are usually due to pulling forces during an accident.

    Transverse fractures (breaks that run horizontally along the length of a long bone) are the result of force applied to the bone at a right angle. Oblique fractures result from forces applied to the bone from other angles.

    Spiral fractures occur when the bone is subjected to extreme twisting forces. Linear fractures occur when multiple parallel breaks appear along the length of a long bone.


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