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Does Wisconsin Limit Punitive Damage for Car Accidents?

  • In the wake of a car accident, you'll need to seek out all possible recompense for your suffering. You're struggling to recover from serious injuries, after all, as well as the other costs that come with a major accident. You might also be considering punitive damages for your car crash.

    Before you file, however, it's important to know what to expect from your Wisconsin claim. You may wish to file for punitive damages, but make sure you know how much those damages are worth and how they might be limited in your state. Knowing what to expect before you step into the courtroom can help you adequately prepare for your claim.

    Wisconsin Damage Caps

    When you're injured in an auto accident, most of your damages award should cover the expenses and losses you've suffered in a crash. Even so, the other driver may have been driving recklessly, which puts you in serious danger. In some cases, that may be deemed as gross negligence or even malicious intent. In these cases, you may choose to seek out punitive damages.

    However, it’s important to remember that these additional damages are not meant to compensate, but to punish. To prevent these damages from putting too much economic stress on the wrongdoer, these damages are also limited.

    If you're a Wisconsin car crash victim, keep in mind that you're limited to $200,000 in punitive damages, or twice the amount of compensatory damages. The exact amount depends on whichever comes first.

    Getting the Damages You Deserve

    Although your punitive damages are capped, you do have a chance to fight for the full amount you deserve. Obtaining punitive damages, however, can be difficult to do without help, so speak to a qualified lawyer for help.

    First, you might have to establish that the defendant can afford it. If the defense won't be able to pay these damages, the judge may instead focus on your compensatory damages alone. If these damages aren't an option, the judge may simply not award them, so speak to your attorney about proving the defendant's financial status.

    If you're able to file for punitive damages, the judge may call for a special verdict. They'll present this verdict to the jury, which will make a decision about your punitive damages.

    Seek Your Full Compensation

    A serious car accident can leave you struggling to recover. You know that you need compensation for your damages, but what about punitive damages? If you believe the defense acted with malice or with an intentional disregard for your safety, you may seek additional compensation for your claim.

    To ensure you get the full amount you deserve, reach out for help seeking punitive damages. With a Milwaukee car accident lawyer from The Law Offices of Gary S. Greenberg, you can get the full compensation you deserve, rather than just compensatory damages.

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