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Pelvic Pain

  • Pelvic pain is a common health problem experienced by many women. It is pain or discomfort felt in the lower part of the torso, beneath the abdomen, and between the hipbones. Pelvic pain doesn't include pain that occurs in the external genital region. Depending on the nature and intensity of the pain, Pelvic pain can be divided into Acute pain- in which the pain starts suddenly with intense severity, and Chronic pain- where the pain can either be intermittent or constant but lasts for several months.

    Acute pelvic pain is usually sharp, excruciating, and the patient can feel cramps similar to menstrual cramps. On the other hand, chronic pelvic pain is dull pain, and less intense. The intensity of both acute and chronic pelvic pain is related to the menstrual cycle. The intensity may increase right before or during the menstrual periods. Pelvic pain is termed as chronic when constant pelvic pain, with no improvement, lasts for more than 6 months despite of treatment.