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Carpet Cleaning Spokane

  • Welcome to JR PRO Clean Carpet Cleaning in Spokane , we have been providing home and business owners with outstanding carpet cleaning services for over many years and are recognized as the cleaning experts to go to when you need a professional clean.

    JR Carpet Cleaning pays attention to detail and provide a pre-inspection prior to carpet cleaning in Spokane. Our Track Mount Unit use a hot water extraction which is the prefer way to provide a deep carpet cleaning. Our Black Light helps us detect things like pet urine that have been deposited into the carpet, so we can act upon it. We are specialists when it comes to carpet cleaning, but we don’t stop at carpets! We offer a complete solution for your home or business from rugs, upholstery, couch cleaning and much more.

     We believe that high traffic areas are the dirtiest part of the carpet, and we take time to use biodegradable chemical to break down the soil from the carpet and provide an excellent cleaning. We believe that deep cleaning is what makes the carpet clean. Moreover, our “Carpet Protector” maintains the quality and extends the life of your carpet. Carpet protector improves the release of dirt, dusts, spills moistures and oils from your carpet.Our professional cleaners and technicians are trained to deliver top-quality friendly service that is kind to the environment at an excellent cost effective option. Call us today @ (509) 954-8637 for free quotation.