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Do I Need Medical Care After a Car Accident Even if I Feel Fine

  • Walking away from a West Palm Beach car accident without a scratch can feel like a miracle. But that doesn’t mean you’re actually well. You may feel fine, but underlying issues like brain injuries or internal bleeding can still affect your health. 

    Not sure if you need medical care after a car accident? Here’s why you may need to go to the hospital—and then discuss your lawsuit with an attorney. 

    Delayed Injuries 

    After a car accident, you don’t always feel bad enough to head to the nearest West Palm Beach hospital. You may feel as healthy as ever. But that doesn’t mean you’re uninjured. 

    You may not feel all your injuries immediately, and that delay can be lethal. For example, you may have suffered internal organ damage, but you feel fine. The damage may worsen over time, and by the time it affects you in obvious ways, it may be too late. Because of this, it’s often best to act now and seek medical care, even if you may be fine. 

    Waiting Can Impact Your Insurance Claim

    You may not feel like acting right away, but that can impact your car accident claim. Your insurance company may claim you’re not that badly injured, or that your injuries must be connected to a different accident or incident. They may use that argument to reduce or deny your settlement. 

    Because of this, you and your car accident lawyer may need to act as soon as possible for an insurance claim or Florida car accident lawsuit. Hesitating can affect your claim in negative ways, so talk to your attorney so you know how to stay ahead of the insurance company or lawsuit. 

    Connect with a Car Accident Lawyer About Your Injuries 

    After a car accident, protecting your health and safety is the most important step. But now that you know you’re hurt and bills are piling up, what can you do? At The Law Offices of Casey D. Shomo, we can help you deal with your lawsuit so you can focus on your health. For a free consultation about your car accident and injuries, call 561-659-6366 or visit us online to learn more.