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Double Amputee Sues American Airlines



    Michael Mennella sued American Airlines after he claimed he was removed from a flight due to discrimination and negligence. This isn’t the first case of mistreatment by an airline in recent months and likely won’t be the last.

    Mennella, who lost both feet in a car accident several years ago, was removed from a flight when airline employees said he was intoxicated. The flight was diverted to Texas and police officers escorted the man off the plane. American Airlines currently stands behind its claim that Mennella was intoxicated, although police officers found zero evidence of that claim and let him go.

    Unfortunately, that was only part of the problem that Mennella had to deal with during his interaction with the airline. When he checked in, he was told that his wheelchair reservation had been lost, leaving him to try to walk on the ends of his amputated legs—a very painful experience.

    When he finally boarded his flight, Mennella asked for water to take medication and was allegedly ignored by two flight attendants.


    Mennella’s Rights

    This is, sadly, only one story in a growing list of cases of airlines acting negligently and mistreating or even hurting customers. And customers like Mennella face a difficult road to getting the compensation they deserve for their mistreatment.

    Unlike the more protective Americans with Disabilities Act, the Air Carrier Access Act does not allow individuals to file lawsuits, and airlines do not have to abide by the ADA. Mennella’s legal complaint against the airline could turn into a complex case due to stringent federal regulations.


    Pursuing Compensation from an Airline

    While flying may be faster than other modes of transportation, you have to wonder if it wouldn’t be easier in the long run to find other transportation. However, sometimes flying is necessary, and you deserve to be treated fairly and have your rights upheld.

    If you have been mistreated or injured because of someone else’s negligence, you don’t have to just accept the consequences. Let Bohn & Fletcher, LLP help you retain your rights and get justice. Contact us at 408-279-4222 or visit our website to speak with a San Jose personal injury lawyer.