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How Do I Know I Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

  • If you're wondering if you need a personal injury attorney, the answer is pretty simple. If you’ve been injured and want to recover financial compensation, you should hire a lawyer.  

    First, answer a couple of questions:

    • Were you injured?
    • Did someone else cause the accident that injured you?

    If you answered yes to both, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit.


    You’ll Need a Lawyer if You Were in a Solo Crash

    It may be possible to file a lawsuit if you were in an accident and no one else was obviously involved. For example, after being hurt in a single-car accident, it may seem like there's no one to sue, but there could actually be an outside party that’s at least partially at fault.

    If the accident happened because of a defect with the vehicle or because of unsafe road conditions, for example, it’s possible to file suit and recover compensation


    Everyone Can Benefit from Working with an Attorney

    Pretty much everyone can benefit from hiring a lawyer after becoming injured through no fault of his or her own. This is because recovering compensation for damages and losses isn’t easy.

    First, as a victim, you need to protect your legal rights, and an attorney is the best person to help you do that. Most accident victims are unaware that there is a statute of limitations requiring lawsuits be filed within a certain period of time. If a victim waits too long and exceeds this time limit, he or she is essentially waiving the right to sue.


    Call a Lawyer if the Insurance Company Won’t Pay

    Insurance companies will pay as little as possible and often less than a victim deserves.  An attorney can ensure they don't get away with this. That means getting them to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and non-economic losses like pain and suffering.

    Sometimes this can be done through negotiations, while in other cases, it’s necessary to go to trial.


    A Lawyer Can Protect You from the Responsible Party

    If the other party has an attorney representing them, you’ll need your own personal injury attorney right away. It is never smart to negotiate directly with an opposing attorney without legal counsel of your own.

    Going without an attorney puts you at a distinct disadvantage since the responsible party’s counsel will understand the laws and how to use them to the benefit of his or her client.


    If You’re Disabled, You’ll Get More Money with the Help of a Lawyer

    If the accident caused severe injuries and you can't work as a result, it is critical that you hire an attorney to make sure you get money for your current medical care and lost wages, along with enough money to pay for the income you will lose in the future.


    San Jose Injury Attorneys

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