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Injurys That Requires the Services of a Workman’s Comp Attorney

  • Employees are supposed to be protected by a specific insurance policy known as workers comp colloquially. Every state has its own regulations that need to be followed by the employers. A workman’s comp attorney Macon diligently strives to provide the benefits that an injured or disabled worker is entitled to, if he sustains a fall or is involved in an accident. Sadly, a number of employers along with the insurance companies try to cheat the employee of his / her entitled compensation without sparing a thought for the poor individual. It is therefore extremely important to remain informed about the types of injuries that require compensation as per the law.

    Common on the Job Injuries That Requires Workman’s Compensation

    1.    Injuries due to Slipping/Falls/Tripping
    2.    Hit by a flying object by accident at the work site
    3.    Striking against a heavy object such as shelves or racks
    4.    Road accidents
    5.    Getting injured by a piece of machinery
    6.    Bodily reaction occurs when a person tries his utmost to break a fall that results in twisting or turning an ankle, a wrist or the neck region despite avoiding a fatal fall
    7.    Violence at a workshop
    8.    Repetitive action on the job may result in muscular stress that becomes painful if ignored
    9.    Work related stress