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Approach a workman’s compensation lawyer in Macon

  • Factory owners and employers are mandatorily required to cover workers with insurance. Workers compensation is a comprehensive coverage for against every kind of occupational diseases suffered while on duty. Any company with three or more workers must provide workers compensation. In Macon, workers are compulsorily covered under compensation from date of joining their organization. However, certain categories of workers such as independent contractors, domestic workers, federal employees, railroad employees and volunteers are not covered by compensation.

    Here it needs to be noted that though an employer is not bound to compensate for above category of workers, compensation are offered on humanitarian ground. Further, situations might arise when it seems that you belong to the secluded workers’ category but coverage would actually be available. A workers compensation lawyer in Macon would be the right person to approach for legal advice and subsequent course of action.

    Then again, another pertinent question that could arise in your mind is whether all injuries are covered under the compensation scheme or not. Commonly, sudden injuries and accidents come to mind while considering compensatory benefits. Diseases such as infections, heart attacks, and strokes are also compensated. After 1st July 1992 a new category, catastrophic injury, was included under workers’ compensation list. Under this category workers’ comp lawyers in Macon try cases of third degree burns, industrial blindness, spinal cord injury, and amputation of limbs.