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Importance of Contacting A Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

  • Cruising along the highway enjoying the breeze is definitely joyful! Unfortunately, being involved in an accident within a split second that leaves you injured is no fun. There are a few details to check in the immediate aftermath after the feeling has sunk in. Well, you must get in touch with a top Georgia car accident lawyer once you are treated for your injuries and can assess the level of damage to your automobile. However, that can come later. Here is what you need to do immediately though. Check…


    1. Call an ambulance or request the bystanders to do it on your behalf
    2. Try to move the vehicle away to the side of the road if you are able to do it
    3. Speak to the police personnel on duty and file for a police report
    4. Do ask the eye witnesses for the facts and jot everything down if you are in your senses and well aware of the gravity of the mishap
    5. In no circumstance leave the area of the accident unless you are gravely injured and have to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance
    6. You may have to contact an attorney in ASAP. Do not delay in photographing your damaged vehicle and injuries right afterwards though. Request a witness to do it you are unable to do it due to the injuries.