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Types of Evidence That Can Benefit Your Car Accident Claim

  • Evidence is your biggest ally when you're seeking compensation for your car accident. Without evidence, your case devolves into your word versus the word of a mega insurance company. However, having the proper evidence to prove that your damages were the result of a negligent driver or other party can help you win your car accident case. 

    Regardless of what tactics that insurance companies use, they cannot argue against facts. For this reason, you must gather substantial evidence that your damages were the result of another party. You should take the process of gathering evidence seriously in order to increase your chances of winning compensation for your damages. 

    If you're unsure how to properly gather evidence, contacting a Detroit car accident lawyer can help you kickstart your car accident claim case. 

    Photograph Everything

    Having photographic evidence of your accident is a powerful tool. Describing your experience is helpful, but providing the courtroom with a visual aid of your traumatic experience will really strengthen your case. Be sure to photograph your vehicle along with any other vehicles involved in your accident. 

    Any damages you document can enhance your case and increase your chances of winning compensation. Photographing the scene of the accident is also useful. If your accident caused a stop sign to be damaged or destroyed, for example, photographing the crushed sign may help paint a vivid picture in the courtroom. 

    Capturing multiple angles of the accident is also helpful evidence to provide in the courtroom. You can never have too much photographic evidence when you're pursuing a car accident claim.

    Obtain Statements from Witnesses

    If possible, you should always obtain statements from witnesses of your car accident. Having a neutral party on your side is invaluable evidence in the courtroom. Immediately after your accident, you should attempt to contain any witnesses who may have witnessed your traumatic accident. The more statements, the better chance you have of winning compensation.

    Obtain Your Police Report

    Whenever you experience a car accident, you should always contact the police. Officers of the law will usually create a police report about your car accident. Having an official document about your situation is another strong piece of evidence that could help win you compensation for your damages. 

    Officers should be neutral parties who the courtroom will trust to have only reported the facts about your case, which means their report is reliable, powerful evidence.

    Contact a Detroit Car Accident Lawyer

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    Not only are you dealing with your damages, but you're also fighting for your compensation. You deserve someone who will not only listen to your problems but also offer solutions. David Christensen Law is here to help you go after the compensation that you deserve for your accident. 

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