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What Kinds of Auto Injuries Lead to Successful Lawsuits?

  • Getting into a car accident can lead to severe and sometimes life-altering injuries. There are various instances when someone else’s negligence may have caused your accident. When negligence is present in your case, you can sue the liable party in a personal injury lawsuit. Your lawsuit will be most successful if you have sufficient evidence to support your claim in court.

    At David Christensen Law, our goal is to help victims of auto accidents recover the maximum settlement for their injuries. Although you can sue anyone for negligence after an accident, injuries resulting in significant economic and non-economic damages will have better chances of victory. A Detroit car accident lawyer from our team can help you hold the negligent party accountable. 

    Bone Fractures

    Bone fractures are common in car accidents, and though a bone fracture may seem like a minor injury, the recovery process can be lengthy. A bone fracture can require many surgeries, extensive physical therapy, pain medications, and multiple doctors’ visits.

    Internal bleeding and other significant injuries can also accompany bone fractures and when not healed properly, a bone fracture can lead to physical disabilities later in life that require a wheelchair or a cane.

    Spinal Damage

    Spinal damage can occur because of a car accident when a car collides with another and the body experiences an unexpected amount of force. If the spine is hit at the wrong angle, it can be partially or fully severed. A partially or fully severed spine can lead to loss of motor or sensory function, numbness and tingling throughout the body, impaired breathing, and sometimes full paralysis.  

    Traumatic Brain Injuries

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can range from moderate to severe. These injuries happen frequently in car accidents. Although a concussion may cause chronic headaches and dizziness, a more severe TBI can cause changes in personality, loss of memory, loss of mental ability, and the need for permanent in-home care. 

    Building a Successful Case

    When you’ve suffered significant injuries because of your auto accident, you can recover a settlement for your damages by proving negligence on behalf of the liable party in your case. Your medical records will be helpful in showing that your injuries directly resulted from the accident, but it’ll take a thorough investigation of the wreck to show that the driver or other responsible entity was at fault.

    The police report, video footage, photographs, or witness testimonies can help support your claim and show how the accident happened.

    Consult a Detroit Car Accident Attorney

    Building a successful lawsuit for your auto injury requires evidentiary support and a strong argument. While more significant injuries are easier to prove, there’s no requirement for how severe your injury needs to be to make a claim.

    If you’re having doubts about whether you have grounds for a claim, you can schedule a free consultation with a Detroit car accident lawyer from David Christensen Law and we can assess your case. Call 248-213-4900 or visit our website for more information.