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Can DWI Penalties Be Reduced in Texas?

  • A lot of people believe that once they are arrested and charged with a DWI, they’re as good as convicted, but this is not true. You can fight a DWI charge and win—we do it all the time. Even if the police do have a lot of evidence against you, there are still ways to get your DWI charge and penalties dropped or reduced.


    How So?

    First, get in touch with a lawyer who can analyze every aspect of your case to identify the best defense possible for you.

    But there are some of the defense methods that could be used to get your DWI charge reduced to a far lesser crime, get the prosecutor to reduce your penalties, or in some cases, get your charge dismissed altogether…


    Methods to Reduce Penalties for a DWI

    Your DWI attorney could argue any of the following:

    • You weren’t drinking at all and there was some mistake.
    • You were set up or framed by someone.
    • You were drinking, but you weren’t intoxicated.
    • The police made errors when conducted the field sobriety tests.
    • The police violated your rights.
    • The field sobriety tests themselves could be challenged.
    • Your charge should be reduced because you have no criminal history.
    • The prosecution should reduce your charge because they don’t have enough evidence.
    • You should be allowed to enter a pretrial diversion program.


    Get in Touch with a DWI Lawyer in Texas

    DWI penalties can be more serious than you think, and there is only one way to avoid them—by fighting and beating your charge. Attempting to represent yourself isn’t likely to work out well, and public defenders are sometimes too busy to do a good job defending you.

    But you can get those DWI penalties reduced by working with a qualified and experienced lawyer.

    The Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy will fight for you. Contact us today by calling 817-605-1010 or heading to our website and filling out our online contact form.