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Can DWIs Be Expunged in Texas?

  • Many moons ago, you were arrested and charged with a DWI in Texas, and now you want to know whether you can get that pesky charge off your record. You’re not alone. Many people realize later that a DWI charge can do a lot of damage to their lives.

    Your employment prospects could be limited because of your DWI; you might not be eligible for some of the government’s programs; and, you’re tired of being forced to explain your DWI charge and situation.

    Now’s the time to learn about whether a DWI can be removed from your criminal record.

    DWIs: Can They Be Expunged in Texas?

    DWI convictions cannot be expunged from a criminal record in the state of Texas unless you were later pardoned for the offense. This sometimes occurs if evidence is found that proves you were innocent of the crime.

    DWI charges and arrests that did not result in a conviction can be expunged from a criminal record. Here are some examples of when your DWI charge would be eligible for expunction:

    • You were charged with a DWI but were never tried for the offense.
    • You were charged with a DWI but were acquitted.
    • You were arrested for a drunk driving offense but the charge was later dropped or dismissed for any reason.
    • The mandatory time period following your arrest or charge has passed.
    • You completed a pretrial intervention program.
    • You completed a veterans treatment program.

    Still aren’t sure whether you qualify for an expunction? Talk with a lawyer about your DWI case today.

    Get in Touch with a DWI Attorney in Texas

    For further information on whether you qualify for an expunction, or for more information about the process of requesting a DWI removal from your record, contact a lawyer today. We can examine your case to see whether you can get your charge removed or whether a non-disclosure order might be your best option.

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