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Saving Your License After a DWI Charge in Texas

  • There are a great many negative consequences to being convicted of a DWI in Texas. You could spend time in jail, be placed on probation, be forced to pay fines, lose your job, and suffer from embarrassment. You could wind up with a crime on your record for the rest of your life. In addition to the above issues, you will likely also lose your license if convicted of a DWI.

    Even if you are only charged and not convicted of a DWI, your license will likely still be administratively suspended. A lawyer could help you to save your license by going to court and arguing on your behalf. If you want to avoid the loss of your drivers license, you might consider fighting against conviction.

    If you are convicted of a drunk driving crime, your license will almost certainly be suspended, and your lawyer won’t be able to save it at that point.

    Why It’s Important to Fight Your Drunk Driving Charge

    Many negative consequences come with the conviction of a DWI. These consequences are only the tip of the iceberg, though. You could also deal with negative issues related to a DWI conviction for years to come, if not for the rest of your life. 

    You might have difficulty getting a good job. Some jobs might be entirely out of reach for you. There is a way to avoid dealing with all of these negative effects, and that is to fight your charge. Going up against a prosecutor is no small task, but a criminal defense attorney can help you.

    Your lawyer could review your case to find the defenses that they could use. You might believe that you are as good as convicted, but your attorney might find out that you were pulled over illegally or that the field sobriety testing was inaccurate. You always have the option to fight a charge, so don’t think that pleading guilty is your only choice.

    How the Loss of Your Drivers License Could Impact Your Life

    People often take for granted what they have until it’s gone. A drivers license is one of those things. You don’t know how important it is until you don’t have it anymore. If you lose your drivers license, how will you get to work? How will you get to the grocery store? 

    For those who drive for a living, you could be fired due to the loss of your drivers license. These are serious, real-world consequences that could turn your life inside out.

    Talk with a DWI Crime Lawyer in Texas

    A lawyer can help you to get your license back, and they can help you face down drunk driving charges. If you find yourself in a situation where a criminal defense lawyer could help, don’t hesitate to call one at The Law Offices of Jeff C. Kennedy. A Fort Worth DWI attorney can be reached through the online contact form over at our website. Alternatively, you can call 817-605-1010