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Why Are Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

  • Big rigs can be intimidating when you’re on the road. You may have driven by them a thousand times, but their size and speed can be scary. 

    Those fears may be founded. Many truck accident victims suffer more severe injuries than those injured in an accident involving two cars. But, what makes 18-wheelers so much more dangerous? Below are a few reasons commercial trucks are so dangerous, and why you may need help getting compensated after your accident with one. 

    Blind Spots Can Be Dangerous

    Commercial trucks are several feet long, which means their blind spots are much bigger than those for other Rockford drivers. Their visibility is limited, and they may not see you if you’re in their blind spot. 

    These spots are dangerous enough when you’re in a car. If you don’t see someone in your blind spot, you may think it’s safe to change lanes, only to end up in a serious car accident. The same goes for these trucks—the difference is, you may be in more danger and suffer more severe injuries. 

    Types of Common Truck Accident Injuries

    These big rigs are several times the size of your average car, and they weigh several times more. That means you could suffer from more severe trauma and injuries in a truck accident. 

    Below is a sample of the severe injuries you could face: 


    • Traumatic Brain Injuries – A blow to the head could lead to severe brain trauma, which can affect your cognitive functions. Even a concussion can make it hard to sleep, focus, and remember things. 
    • Spinal Cord Damage – Your spine sends messages all over the body to feel and move. If your spine is injured, you could lose all feeling and motion below the point of the injury. 
    • Broken Bones – As an adult, broken bones can be some of the most painful injuries you could suffer. They can require time, surgery, and a lot of rest just to heal. 


    Identifying the Liable Party Isn’t Always Easy

    On top of all your pain and suffering, you may not even be sure who’s at fault for your accident. The driver may have caused the accident, but they’re not always the one financially responsible for your claim. 

    Because this can get complicated fast, you may need a Rockford truck accident lawyer on your side. Your attorney can help you determine who’s at fault for your losses, so you can act now on your claim. 

    Talk About Your Truck Accident with a Lawyer

    Suffering through a truck accident is traumatic enough. You shouldn’t have to deal with the painful aftermath alone as well. Luckily, you don’t have to. 

    At Mahoney & Mahoney, LLC, we’re devoted to helping our clients recover from dangerous truck accidents. We know you need compensation, but we also know that you may not have the resources on your side to get it. We offer free consultations so you can get the guidance you need before your claim goes to court. 

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