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What Kinds of Evidence Do You Need in a Car Accident Lawsuit?

  • Being involved in an automobile collision is not a pleasant experience for anyone. As if the crash wasn’t stressful and traumatic enough, you now have to deal with filing a lawsuit against the person who caused your wreck and injuries.

    Some car crash cases are easier to prove than others, and yours might require more effort to prove fault. You know that you didn’t cause your crash, but how do you prove the other party was to blame? Evidence is crucial to winning a vehicle wreck lawsuit.

    Types of Evidence You Can Use to Prove Your Vehicle Crash Case

    Evidence is unique to each auto wreck case, and what caused your wreck as well as the circumstances surrounding it will determine what type of evidence is available and can be used to prove your case.

    For instance, if you are involved in a collision on a rural road where there were no witnesses to the accident, the only evidence that might be available for you are photos of the accident scene. If you are in a wreck and ten people saw the other driver run a stop sign and crash into you, you can use those witness statements as evidence.

    The following are some of the types of evidence you could use to win your vehicle wreck lawsuit:

    • Witness statements
    • Police and accident reports
    • Reports from crash scene experts
    • Medical evidence
    • Photo and video evidence
    • Physical evidence
    • Logs and documentation

    Get Help with Your Vehicle Crash Case

    Proving your case might require more than just evidence collection; you might need a good Illinois car accident lawyer on your team. Get one today by contacting Mahoney & Mahoney, LLC. A free case review is yours when you dial 815-656-4600. Feel free to learn more about our firm by visiting our website.