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Can an Illness Be Covered by Workers Comp?

  • In Iowa, workers can receive workers compensation benefits if they have become sick directly because of their work duties—but there are caveats.

    A work-related illness is covered under the state's insurance policies. The key is proving that the illness was work-related. In other words, coming down with the flu is not going to be covered by workers compensation insurance.

    However, if someone has been exposed to a toxic substance, for example, and gotten sick because of it, that would be covered.


    Occupational Diseases

    Work-related illnesses are also referred to as occupational diseases. For a worker to qualify for benefits, the disease must have been caused by a “natural incident of a particular occupation.” An example of this would be a worker who suffered asbestosis after being involved with asbestos removal as part of a construction job.

    It can be challenging to prove that an illness or disease was related to a worker’s job duties. This leads many to hire an Iowa work comp attorney to gather evidence and prove the connection.


    See a Doctor

    It is critical for any worker who has suffered a workplace illness to see a doctor for a diagnosis. A physician's opinion on what caused the illness is going to be critical for receiving compensation.

    Additionally, an attorney will use the doctor’s opinion to help establish the connection in the case.


    File Quickly

    It is important to file within three months of being removed from a work environment due to hearing loss or being exposed to harmful noises.

    Those who suffer from other types of occupational diseases can file within two years of becoming disabled or upon becoming aware that the disease was caused by their employment.



    By proving that an illness was caused by a worker’s job duties, it is possible for a worker to receive medical benefits along with cash benefits to compensate lost wages.


    Speak with a Work Comp Attorney

    To learn more about your rights or to receive assistance in either filing or appealing your workers compensation case, you're going to need an attorney.

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