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Ways a Lawyer Can Help with Your Workers Comp Claim

  • One day, you're going about your day as usual at work. The next, you've been injured in a serious accident, and it doesn't look like you'll be able to work for some time. You're hurt, and now you need workers compensation for your losses.

    It's a difficult situation, but it's one a lawyer can help with. You'll need someone on your side to help with your workers comp claim, and a lawyer has the experience and knowledge you need for a successful claim. If you're struggling with your workers comp claim, a lawyer might be able to help you recover.

    Making Sure You’re Getting All Your Benefits

    When you've been injured, you'll need to ensure you're getting the full benefits you need to recover. Your benefits should cover all your medical expenses, for example, not just part of them, and you'll need some level of wage replacement if you're unable to return to your former position.

    Unfortunately, the insurance company might underestimate the value your claim, or they may try to avoid paying out the full amount you need. You could be left with a settlement that simply doesn't cover your full needs.

    That's where a lawyer can step in. You'll need to make sure you're getting the full settlement you deserve, but you don't have the tools to calculate how many weeks of partial disability benefits you should receive, or what your future medical care will cost. You'll need someone who understands your situation and can fight for your claim.

    Appealing Your Claim

    Unfortunately, you might have already been denied the workers comp benefits you deserve. You're still in pain and suffering from the accident, but they claimed you weren’t injured enough, or you weren't at work when you were injured. When you're already injured, it can be tough to fight back against these accusations.

    You'll need to fight back, but you may not be familiar with what you'll need for your claim. Fortunately, a lawyer will have the resources and knowledge you need. They can help you gather evidence against your denial, showing your employer and the insurer that you deserve your full compensation.

    Get the Help You Need

    When you've suffered through an on-the-job injury, you'll likely need workers compensation to completely recover from the accident. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to secure your workers comp, especially if your employer or their insurance company don’t want to pay.

    When you're having trouble obtaining your rightful workers comp benefits, you'll need an attorney on your side to help with your claim. They can help you find how much your benefits are worth and how to approach your claim, starting with a free consultation.

    When you're ready to seek your workers comp benefits, seek out a Iowa workers comp lawyer from the Pothitakis Law Firm, PC to help you get your benefits. To get started, you'll simply need to reach out by calling 319-754-6400 or checking out our website for more information and your free consult.