• Uber is a huge ride sharing service company that connects private drivers with passengers. When you take an Uber car ride, your safety is in the hands of the drivers. Uber passengers are injured every year in traffic accidents.

    Uber driven vehicles have different insurance and liability standards than taxis and private cars. Uber considers its drivers to be independent contractors- not employees. Therefore, if an accident occurs, passengers are encouraged to make a claim against with the driver of the vehicle – not Uber. This can become an area of contention. Uber may ask you to provide an official statement following an accident. It is important to note that you have no obligation to give this statement.

    If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber Accident, it is best that you contact an experienced Uber accident lawyer right away.

    After any Uber accident the first thing you need to do is seek medical help for your injuries. Document the collision with the police and gather as much evidence as you can.

    To make a successful claim negligence, liability and damages must be proven. Extensive evidence to support your claim is essential. This includes:

    • The police report
    • Testimonies from eyewitnesses
    • Doctors’ records
    • Testimonies from financial experts, medical experts and accident reconstruction experts
    • Illustrations, photographs and timelines
    • CCTV footage of the crash
    • Medical bills
    • Proof of lost income

    An experienced Uber accident lawyer can collect all the evidence you need and give you the legal representation necessary for compensation. Read more :