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Florida Law: Who’s Responsible for a Car Accident at Work?

  • A car accident at any time can be painful and frightening. Identifying who’s responsible for your damages can be complicated, too, although the person responsible is often the one who caused the accident. But what about car accidents at work?

    These crashes can be a little more complex. Determining who will be financially responsible is more difficult when you were at work because your employer could be responsible for the damages you’ve suffered. When you’re struggling with your car accident at work, don’t hesitate to get the help you need from a qualified attorney.


    What Is Employer Liability?

    When you’re injured at work, there’s a chance that your employer could be responsible for the costs of your injuries. Generally, this is the case if you were injured during your workday while carrying out some function of your job.

    "Employer liability" means that, if you're acting within the scope of your employment, your employer may be liable for any damages you suffer. Because you might not have suffered those injuries if you weren't at work, the employer could be held responsible for the resulting damages.

    Generally, you’ll need to simply file a workers compensation claim and get the benefits you’re owed for your injuries. If you're getting resistance from your employer or a workers comp insurer, contact a lawyer.


    When a Third Party Is Responsible

    In some cases, you might have been at work, in your vehicle, when someone else hit you. When you're injured by a third party other than your employer, you may need to seek compensation from the person responsible for your injuries—not your employer.

    Just because the accident happened at work doesn't mean your employer will always be financially responsible for your accident. In some cases, you may need to seek compensation from the third party who caused the accident, such as a negligent auto manufacturer, in civil court.


    Car Accident at Work? A Lawyer Can Help

    You may be one of the unlucky people who has suffered a car accident while at work. And you may be uncertain of who's responsible for your accident.

    But you don't have to untangle your claim alone. When you're seeking compensation, get in touch with a lawyer from Lopez & Humphries, PA. Our attorneys know how difficult it can be to deal with a car accident or workers comp claim, especially when it's a little more complicated than your typical car crash or work injury.

    If you're not sure whether your employer is liable for your crash or it's someone else's responsibility, get help with a free consultation with our attorneys. We'll discuss your case and determine what you'll need to do to recover compensation. For more information, call 863-709-8500 or visit us online.