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How to Gather Evidence for Your Car Accident Claim

  • Auto wrecks are very common accidents that lead to extensive damages for victims. If you have severe injuries, you will likely want to sue the driver who hurt you. To sue another person for an auto wreck, you will need to prove that they were to blame for the crash.

    Because Florida is a no-fault state for auto insurance, it’s also required that you prove that your injuries were serious enough to be taken out of the no-fault system and into civil court.


    How Do You Prove Your Case?

    To prove fault and the extent of your injuries, you will need to gather evidence. Evidence will be different for every car crash case, as every case is unique.

    Some common types of evidence used in proving vehicle wreck cases are police reports, witness statements, accident reports, expert witness statements, photo evidence, video evidence, and physical evidence.

    To prove the seriousness of your injuries, you will need to gather medical evidence. You can document your injuries and obtain X-rays and other evidence from your doctor, and your doctor’s statements could be used as evidence, as well.

    Proving your case is imperative to holding another party accountable for your injuries and suffering, so don’t delay in gathering evidence. If you wait too long, vital evidence could be lost.


    Get in Touch with a Vehicle Collision Lawyer Today

    When you’ve suffered serious injuries in an auto accident in Florida, you have every right to sue the driver. It will require a little more work than in other states because you must prove the serious nature of your injuries. You will also need to prove the fault of the other party. You don’t have to do all this on your own, though—you can work with a Lakeland car accident lawyer.

    Your lawyer will assist you through each step of the injury claim process and ensure that your claim has the best chance at a positive outcome. Call Lopez & Humphries, PA at 863-709-8500 or visit our website to learn more.