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When Can You Get a Record Expunged in Indiana?

  • A criminal conviction can follow you the rest of your life. Anyone who runs a background check can see exactly what you were convicted of, which could have a significant impact on your future.

    If you are aware of this, you may be looking into what options you have moving forward. Expunction could be a good fit for you under very specific circumstances. Read more about what happens when your record is sealed and Indiana’s requirements for an expungement below.

    What Does It Mean to Get Your Record Sealed?

    When you are arrested or convicted of a crime of any kind, this will be reflected on your criminal record. If you need to apply for affordable housing, a student loan, or even a new job, any arrests and convictions will show on your background check. In many cases, your application will be denied and you’ll feel hopeless and out of options.

    When your record is sealed, or expunged, these records are sealed from anyone running a background check, with the exception of specific government and law enforcement officials. This gives you the opportunity to truly put your past in the past and go on to live your best life. However, not every arrest or conviction can be expunged, and expunction is only granted in very specific circumstances.

    Will You Qualify for Expunction in Indiana?

    Individuals who are convicted of a nonviolent crime, first-time offenders, and other minor crimes may be eligible for an expungement. It’s easier to take a look at who does not qualify for expunction. In Indiana, all misdemeanor convictions can be expunged, and arrest records can also be sealed if the arrest did not result in a conviction or if the conviction was a misdemeanor. 

    There are even some felonies that can be expunged from your criminal records. Violent offenders, sex offenders, those convicted of sex crimes, and individuals who were convicted of official misconduct will not qualify for an expunction. 

    There is also a specific amount of time after your arrest or conviction that will need to pass before you can apply. Arrests, for example, can be expunged after one year; misdemeanors require a five-year waiting period. During this time, you cannot be arrested or convicted of any other crimes if you hope to have your record sealed.

    Get Help from a Terre Haute Criminal Defense Lawyer

    A minor criminal conviction shouldn’t impact your ability to lead a life of opportunity moving forward. Work with a highly trained Terre Haute criminal defense lawyer to put your past behind you. 

    At Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm, we will do everything possible to get your record sealed so you are no longer burdened by one mistake. Schedule your free consultation by filling out the quick contact form on our website or giving our office a call at  1-812-232-7400.