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Evidence You’ll Need for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

  • You’ve been hurt in an accident not of your doing, and you’ve decided to file a claim against the person who harmed you. Filing lawsuit paperwork is simple enough, but how do you go about winning your claim? You will need to get your hands on as much evidence as you can so that you will have the best chances of winning your personal injury lawsuit.

    There are two main types of evidence that you’ll need in order to win your claim: evidence that proves fault, and evidence that proves your injuries and damages.


    The Types of Evidence That Will Help You Win Your Injury Lawsuit

    Proving fault is imperative to winning your lawsuit. If you can’t prove the fault of the person or party that hurt you, then your claim will likely be dismissed. The following are some of the types of evidence that can prove fault:

    • Photos and video evidence
    • Witness statements
    • Accident reports and logs
    • Accident expert statements
    • Confessions of fault

    Next, you will need to prove your injuries and damages. Medical evidence will go a long way in proving your injuries, so make sure you collect all that you can.

    Other evidence that can prove your damages are documentation of your mental trauma, reports from a mental health expert, photos and videos of your injuries following the crash, and your own testimony as to how this accident has impacted your life.


    Obtain Assistance with Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

    Gathering evidence after you’ve just been seriously injured in an accident is going to be tough for you. However, you can get help with evidence collection. Your attorney can not only assist you with collecting all the evidence available but can also put your injury claim together in a way that will help you win.

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