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Understanding Your South Carolina Workers Comp Benefits

  • A serious work accident can leave you struggling to get back to work and return to your typical life. Unfortunately, an injury is tough to deal with, especially when you’re unable to work and pay off your hospital bills. You should have workers compensation benefits, but how do you get them?

    Understanding your South Carolina workers comp benefits will be key to recovering from your work accident. If you’re struggling with your injuries and need help, you’ll need to understand the claims process and your potential benefits. Reach out for help if you’re struggling to deal with your injuries and return to work.


    Work Comp Benefits for South Carolina Workers

    When you’re injured on the job, the bills can pile up fast. You’re not just injured, in many cases. You’re unable to work, which means your living expenses are also growing, and you’re unable earn an income to pay them off.

    Fortunately, your workers comp benefits should help. First, you should receive compensation to cover all necessary medical expenses. Your employer is liable for your medical bills, since you were injured at work, and you shouldn’t have to cover those expenses yourself.

    Your workers comp benefits should also help you recover some of the wages you’re missing while unable to work. For example, if you’re unable to return to work at all for a few weeks, you should receive about two-thirds of your original wages during this time. The benefits you receive will depend on your impairment and what you need to recover.


    The Workers Compensation Process

    When a work accident happens in South Carolina, you’ll need to seek compensation as soon as possible for your losses. After the accident, you’ll start your workman’s comp claim by notifying your employer of the accident and notifying them that you wish to seek workers comp benefits. Typically, this step must be done within ninety days of your accident.

    After that, your claim will be reviewed by your employer’s workers comp insurance provider. They’ll investigate your claim, ensuring that the accident happened at work, that you were seriously injured, and that all rules were followed for your claim.

    If your claim is approved, they’ll send you an approval letter, which should include when you’ll receive workers compensation and how much you can expect to receive. If not, you’ll receive a denial letter with the reasons you were denied. Fortunately, that gives you an opportunity to fight back against your work comp denial.


    Get the Information You Need

    When you’ve been injured at work, you may be struggling to get the full compensation you deserve. Whether you’re struggling to file a claim or whether you’re seeking options after a denial, you’ll need help understanding your work comp benefits as a South Carolina worker.

    At HawkLaw, PA, we know that it can be tough to overcome a work accident. You’ll need compensation and the right tools to take action for your claim. Fortunately, our attorneys understand your situation and what you’ll need to have the best chance of getting your benefits.

    If you’re unsure where to begin, seek out a South Carolina work comp lawyer for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your claim and help you get started before you sign anything. To get started, reach out by calling 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or by visiting us online.