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Common Workplace Illnesses Covered by SC Workers Comp

  • Not all negative health effects related to your job are injuries. Disease can also affect your life, leaving you struggling with chronic effects and lifelong illnesses. 

    Luckily, your workers compensation may cover your illness. While there are exceptions, South Carolina workers comp typically covers the costs of illnesses suffered in the course of your job. If you believe that you’ve contracted a serious disease in the course of your work, you may need a lawyer’s help to get your workers comp benefits. 

    Lung Diseases

    When you’re exposed to harsh chemicals in the air at your workplace, your lungs could be affected by your job. Miners, factory workers, and those in similar jobs may be exposed to harsh chemicals, fumes, dust, and even asbestos. These chemicals and fibers can cause serious damage to the lungs over time, and they can lead to chronic or even deadly conditions. 

    If you’ve suffered any of the following lung diseases, it may be because you were exposed to them at work. Reach out for help if you’re dealing with any of the following illnesses: 

    • Lung cancer
    • Black lung disease
    • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
    • Mesothelioma 

    Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss can occur if you’re exposed to loud noises over the course of your career. Factories, railroads, and other noisy areas can damage your hearing over time, leaving many workers hard of hearing or deaf. 

    This damage to the ear can leave you suffering through a permanent disability. Hearing aids and other tools may ease the impact of hearing loss, but you may struggle with hearing for the rest of your life, all because your employer exposed you to dangerous levels of noise. 

    If you believe your hearing has been affected by your job, you may have a chance to recover from that loss. Your workers comp benefits should cover what you need for your physical recovery. 

    Parkinson's Disease

    Parkinson's disease is a serious condition that affects dopamine-producing areas of the brain. This causes tremors, imbalance, and other major negative effects on motor functions. The symptoms are diverse, but Parkinson's is a devastating diagnosis. 

    It's also a diagnosis that has been connected to workplace conditions in some cases. While the links aren't always clear, there has been some suggestion that exposure to certain chemicals can affect brain function, and your workers comp may cover your care. Speak to your South Carolina attorney about medical evidence for your case. 

    Contact Your SC Workers Comp Lawyer for Guidance

    Dealing with a job-related illness claim is already difficult. You need compensation for your illness and its symptoms, but your employer may not be so willing to help you recover. In cases of workplace illnesses, it can sometimes feel very difficult to get your workers comp benefits. 

    That’s why you may need a lawyer from HawkLaw, PA for your South Carolina workers comp case. You have a chance to seek the benefits you need for your recovery, starting with a free claim consultation.*

    If you’re struggling with a workplace illness and you’re worried about your claim being covered, reach out for help from a South Carolina workers compensation lawyer. Get started by calling 1-888-HAWK-LAW (429-5529) or by visiting our website to learn more about our services.