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How to Tell the Strength of an Auto Accident Claim

  • You’ve been hurt in a car accident and you realize you’re owed damages for your experience. Perhaps you’ve sustained a serious injury and suffered extensive medical bills as a result. You’ve also missed out on work, and you’re dealing with mental trauma caused by your accident.

    You want to file an auto wreck claim, but you’re not quite sure how strong your claim is. How can you tell? It’s actually pretty easy to discover if you have a solid claim. Filing a claim is the tough part.


    The Importance of Evidence

    The strength of a car wreck claim is all in the evidence, of course. A negligent driver caused your wreck—you know this already. But you must be able to prove your claim in order to get the compensation you deserve.

    How do you prove any type of case? With evidence. Demonstrate what caused your crash, who was at fault, and the extent of your injuries, and you will have a claim that will very likely get you the monetary compensation you need to move past this crash and your suffering.

    A few examples of evidence:

    • Photos and videos of the accident scene and your injuries
    • Witness testimony
    • Police and crash reports that demonstrate the cause and who was at fault
    • Expert witness testimony
    • Medical evidence


    Damages from Your Auto Wreck

    Once you prove your claim, you will be eligible to receive compensation for damages caused by your crash. Some common damages are medical care, lost work wages, pain and suffering, physical therapy costs, mental trauma, mental health services, and lost enjoyment of life.


    Speak with an Auto Injury Lawyer About Your Claim

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