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Using No-Fault Insurance to Cover Crash-Related Medical Bills

  • When you’re hurt in a car crash, you’ll need to make sure your insurance settlement covers all your needs before you accept the payment. Fortunately, your no-fault insurance can cover your expenses, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries, not recovering your compensation.

    Using no-fault insurance to cover crash-related medical bills should be simple, but the insurance company might not agree. Make sure you’re getting the settlement you deserve before you accept their offer for your damages.

    Your No-Fault Insurance Claim

    First, make sure that you understand what your claim can cover, and whether you’re covered. This coverage is mandatory for all New York residents, and it should cover most damages in minor car accidents. A typical car crash might leave you with some large medical bills and expensive car repairs, and your insurance should take that burden off you.

    However, your no-fault insurance won’t cover every type of accident. instead, you’ll receive coverage for claims with damages that fall below the serious injury threshold. Once your injuries reach that threshold, you’ll need to seek compensation by suing the other party for the economic and non-economic damages you’ve suffered.

    For example, if a loved one was killed in the accident, you may be eligible to file a claim. Otherwise, you may have suffered a traumatic injury that keeps you from living your life as you once did. Your no-fault insurance should simplify the claims process in many cases, but when further compensation is necessary, you should be able to seek it with an attorney’s help.  

    The Claims Process

    When you haven’t suffered major injuries in a crash, you may need to use your no-fault insurance and file a claim for the compensation you deserve. This settlement should cover your injuries, no matter who was at fault. So, how do you get that coverage?

    To get started, you’ll need to notify your insurance company of the accident, letting them know that you’re seeking compensation for your injuries. Once you’ve done this, they’ll investigate your claim and calculate how much your accident is worth.

    After this, they’ll make an offer based on what they believe your claim is worth. If they’re offering the full settlement you need, you’ll simply need to accept the settlement and recover. If they’re offering you a small settlement or no settlement at all, you may need to fight back for that compensation with the help of a lawyer.  

    Get the Settlement You Need

    Fortunately, when you’re injured in a car accident in New York, you’ll still have the chance to recover. Your no-fault insurance should give you the coverage you need for your medical bills after the crash. Unfortunately, you might be having a little trouble securing all the compensation you need.

    That’s where a New York car accident lawyer at Greenstein & Milbauer, LLP comes in. Get started with a free consultation and we can help you prepare your claim and overcome any obstacles. When you’re ready to get your settlement from your no-fault insurance, reach out by calling 1-800-VICTIM2 (842-8462) or by visiting our website.