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The Challenges of Living with Chronic Pain

  • You don’t need anyone to tell you what it’s like to live with chronic pain. You already know very well what you’re dealing with. You’re experiencing serious pain on an everyday basis, and sometimes you think it will never go away. The pain you’re experiencing isn’t your fault, but you still have to cope with it every day.


    Maybe you spend hours every day working to keep the pain under control. Whether through therapy, medication, or simple bed rest, you spend a significant amount of time working with the pain and doing what you can to improve. It’s not easy, but at least it gives you a feeling of some control over the pain.


    Between the pain itself, the loss of mobility, and the social losses that come with chronic pain, it’s no surprise that many chronic pain sufferers also suffer from depression. This is a difficult time for you, but remember: you’re not alone in this.


    Strained Relationships

    Many chronic pain sufferers experience strained relationships with family, friends, and coworkers during the time they’re going through their pain. It’s important to be prepared for dealing with these problems in advance.


    Friends and family members may be very helpful, but if someone experiences chronic pain for too long, those around them may start to resent the sufferer for all they help they have to give them. In turn, the chronic pain sufferer might be irritable on account of the pain or feel angry and powerless to change the situation. This can lead to difficult situations in the home.


    Likewise, work colleagues may be very understanding if an injured person can’t work for a while on account of chronic pain. But if the pain lasts long enough, they may start to resent having to pick up the slack. It can be important to show appreciation for the sacrifices friends and coworkers make.


    Loss of Time and Productivity

    Someone suffering from chronic pain may spend hours a day working to control the pain. He or she may also lose mobility, limiting the ability to work or (in some cases) even take care of normal everyday chores around the house.


    A chronic pain sufferer also loses significant periods of time while undergoing treatment and therapy for the pain. Whether in the form of bed rest, everyday exercises, or doctor visits, keeping the pain under control can demand significant chunks of time.


    A chronic pain sufferer may also experience a form of mental fog, whether as a result of the condition (as in fibromyalgia) or because of medication. This mental fog may make it difficult for the individual to do anything requiring a high degree of concentration.


    Difficult Legal Situation

    If you’ve experienced chronic pain as a result of an injury you received in an accident, you may be considering legal help. If you’ve talked to an inexperienced attorney, you may have heard that chronic pain claims aren’t worth much or that it’s too difficult to prove chronic pain in court.


    Your pain is real. No matter what others may say or how they may discourage you, the pain you’re experiencing is undeniably real.  But if your case comes to court, the insurance company will do all it can to disprove your pain.  They’ll say you’re lying, you’re faking it, and that your pain isn’t as severe as you say it is.


    With a skilled personal injury lawyer and a good doctor, you can prove the reality of your chronic pain. The pain and suffering you’re experiencing may not be eliminated when you get a settlement for it, but it will certainly be easier to bear. Talk to an experienced attorney today.