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Who Will Pay for My Medical Bills after a Car Accident?

  • It’s possible to be injured in a vehicle collision in a great many different scenarios, and each situation is going to be different. You might injure yourself because of carelessness or due to a freak accident. Sometimes, accidents happen because someone else was behaving in a negligent manner. 

    If your injuries were caused by someone else’s behavior, you might be eligible to bring a personal injury claim for your crash. The purpose of a personal injury claim is twofold: to bring you justice for what someone did to you and to compensate you monetarily for the losses you sustained in your car accident. 

    Some of the most common and pricey accident-related losses out there are medical expenses. Your injury has probably caused you to deal with hospital bills, medication costs, outpatient co-pays, and physical therapy expenses. Your settlement could account for all of your financial losses.

    Who Will Pay for Your Medical Bills?

    Car accident injuries are often serious, and victims are left struggling to pay the medical bills that follow. If you can prove that someone else was at fault for your car wreck, you could get that person to pay for your medical bills. 

    The other driver who hit you probably has insurance. They should, as it’s the law. You can file a claim against that person, and their insurance company can be made to pay you for your losses.

    First, you have to be able to prove the fault of the person who caused the accident. You can collect evidence to prove they were to blame for the accident. You should also provide the insurance company with proof of your losses. This will ensure they know how much compensation you’re owed due to the accident.

    What Your Accident Settlement Could Encompass

    You obviously want your car wreck settlement to encompass your medical costs, but there are other losses your settlement could cover. For instance, if you lost out on income due to recovery time, you could be compensated for your lost income. You could also receive funds to pay for your vehicle’s repair costs.

    Also, your settlement could cover nonfinancial costs, as well. You could receive financial compensation meant to right this wrong that was done against you. The money could be for your pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement, mental trauma, and more.

    Contact a Phoenix Car Crash Attorney

    If you were harmed in an automobile collision in Phoenix, Arizona, you should know that you have options. Those medical bills aren’t going to pay themselves, but that might not mean you have to pay them. Arizona’s fault laws allow you to pursue a careless or reckless driver through a personal injury claim.

    Get help with your injury claim by partnering with a Phoenix car accident lawyer. You can reach the Law Offices of Michael Cordova by dialing 602-265-6700, and you’ll be given a free case consultation just for reaching out to our firm. Learn more about auto crash claims by visiting our website.