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4 Consequences of Drunk Driving

  • Millions of Americans end up either injured or dead because of alcohol-related accidents every year. Every 48 minutes a person dies as a result of drunk driving. Despite serious consequences like arrest and loss of license, nearly a third of drivers and DUI convicts are repeat offenders. The consequences of drunk driving go beyond legal implications. It is now well known that alcohol impairs judgment and slows reaction time, sometimes leading a person to behave recklessly and in a rash manner. Before you choose to get behind the wheel after a drink or two, here are a few consequences you must consider:

    • Legal Implications:

    If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you will be taken to the nearest police station and released once you have sobered up or if someone comes to bail you out and drive you home. You will also be finger printed and a mug shot will be taken. You will also be summoned on a given date to face charges. If it is proven that you were under the influence, you may lose your driver’s license and have to pay a fine. In some states, drivers who refuse field sobriety tests lose their license even before a conviction. Some states allow people to drive to school or work while others curtail these rights. As for the fine, it depends on the damage caused—if any property was damaged or if someone was injured, the fine will naturally be hefty. Jail is mandatory, in most states, for repeat offenders but not always for first-time convicts. You will be asked to attend drunk driving awareness school and you’ll have to complete a drunk driving education program.

    • Emotional Implications:

    As DUI accident lawyer Jarrett Blakeley says, drunk driving affects everyone, including people responsible for the event. Drivers are sometimes overcome with guilt, especially if the event causes a life-altering accident. Meanwhile, victims may be overcome with grief or even anger at the prospect of losing a loved one. Being convicted under DUI can be a huge embarrassment—you may worry about people judging you for your recklessness.

    • Other Implications:

    You will not only lose your license for a brief period but you’ll also be asked to pay a higher premium for insurance policies. Drunk drivers have to get a special insurance policy called SR 22, which effectively doubles or even triples their insurance premiums.

    • Career Implications:

    It’s not only the DUI that shows up on criminal background checks, but related charges like refusal to take field sobriety tests, impaired driving, etc. may show up as well. Your DUI will now appear on all public records and could be a disadvantage if you’re applying for a job, a scholarship at a college, or if you’re planning to rent a home. You could also lose your job if it involves driving.

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