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Common Injuries in Florida Motorcycle Accidents

  • Motorcycles provide a freeing, independent experience, giving you a new way to travel. But motorcycles can leave you vulnerable to outside forces. That means in the event of an accident you’re likely to suffer severe injuries because of your choice of vehicle. 

    But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t receive help for your recovery. If you’ve suffered any of the following injuries and you don’t have a Pensacola motorcycle accident lawyer on your side, seeking help now can help your claim succeed later. 

    Brain Injuries 

    While many motorcycle users are expected to wear a helmet, they can’t prevent all serious injuries. You may have suffered a devastating blow to the head, which can affect the brain's control center. Brain injuries can impact your cognitive functions, like memory or speech, as well as your motor skills. These damages can lead to permanent impairment. 

    That means you’re not just due funds for your medical care. You may need rehabilitation or even round-the-clock care, depending on the severity of your injuries. Brain damage can impact your quality of life permanently, so reach out to a lawyer for help calculating the full value of your claim.

    Spinal Cord Injuries 

    Your spine is the highway of information through the body. If it’s damaged, these signals can’t reach the rest of the body from the brain. Because of this, many motorcyclists who suffered a spinal cord injury could lose part or all feeling and control below the point of the trauma. 

    If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury, there’s a possibility that you may never be able to walk again. That impacts your quality of life in every area, and in some cases, it can leave you without the ability to live independently. If you’re hurt in a motorcycle accident and you believe you suffered a spinal cord injury, seek medical care as soon as possible. 

    Broken Bones 

    Motorcycle accidents happen at high speeds, and that impact can cause severe or even permanent damage. You may have broken bones, which can be severely painful and take months to heal. 

    Unfortunately, sometimes broken bones never heal fully or correctly. You may need surgery to reset the bone using pins and screws, and even then, you could still suffer from chronic pain the rest of your life. 

    Burns and Road-Related Injuries 

    When you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, burn injuries are possible. You have little or no protection if a fire starts, so you may be vulnerable in many situations. 

    You may also be vulnerable to friction burns. These burns are caused by sliding across a hard surface like concrete, especially at high speeds. This can do severe damage to the skin, leaving serious scarring and a high potential for infection until they’ve healed. 

    Recover from Your Injuries with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 

    If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have some difficulties getting the funds you need for your recovery. Luckily, the lawyers at Gross & Schuster, P.A. are here to help. If you’re injured and you need compensation to recover, schedule your free consultation by calling 850-434-3333 or visit us online to learn more.