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Who's at Fault for a Single-Vehicle Accident?

  • Getting into a car accident is difficult, both physically and mentally. It can take its toll on your health and make you feel confused and frustrated. Read on to learn more about fault in single vehicle accidents and how a Dallas car accident lawyer can help.

    The Driver is Usually at Fault 

    You might hear the driver is always at fault when there is only one car in an accident. Since there was only one vehicle, it’s easy to assume the person who was driving the car is the one who is at fault. 

    Single vehicle accidents happen when a car hits a guard rail, runs off the road, or flips over. If you were driving too fast or driving while extracted, it’s assumed you are the one at fault. There are a few exceptions, though. 

    If you were in a single-car vehicle and don’t believe you are at fault, you might want to consider contacting a lawyer and seeing if they can help you understand procedures and the way that claims work for single car accidents. 

    When is the Driver Not Liable? 

    All drivers have a duty to obey the laws of the road and when they don’t, they can be considered negligent. However, let’s look at some examples when the driver might not be the one who is at fault. 

    If you swerved out of the way of another car who was going to hit you and run into a tree or guardrail, you might be able to prove the other driver was the one who made you run off the road. However, this might be hard to prove without eyewitness testimony or video footage of the event. 

    Accidents can also occur due to poor road conditions. If there was a pothole or something else in or on the road that caused your accident, you might be able to report the road problem and hold the local government liable.

    However, claiming bad road conditions is usually a hard thing to prove liability for. Oftentimes, the road company or the city will come back and say you could have still avoided the problem had you been more careful or had been driving slower. 

    It’s always a good plan to partner with a lawyer in these cases so you can get the help you need. 

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