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Frequent Injuries Caused by Car Wrecks

  • Car wrecks can be devastating. They often leave victims with extensive property damage, emotional trauma, and serious injuries. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you might be entitled to compensation to pay for your medical bills and make up for lost wages.


    Back and Head Injuries

    Back injuries are very common after car accidents, mostly because the structure of the spine is vulnerable to the massive traumatic forces that car wrecks can apply to the body.

    Damage to the spinal cord itself is the most severe kind of back injury that can occur in a car accident, leaving patients with reduced sensation, reduced motor control, or even paralysis.

    Even less serious back injuries, like a herniated disk, can cause muscle weakness, leg or arm pain, and other problems. Whiplash, caused by injury to the soft tissues of the neck when the head whips back and forth during an accident, is also very common.

    Head injuries occur when passengers and drivers strike their heads against windows, steering wheels, or dashboards. They can range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries and skull fractures and can cause coma, hearing loss, vision loss, or lasting cognitive problems.


    Other Common Injuries

    Most serious car accident injuries are sustained in the chest and torso. Broken ribs and collapsed lungs can occur from the blunt force of impact. Patients can even go into traumatic cardiac arrest due to an accident. Car accidents can also cause damage to internal organs, leading to internal bleeding and other serious complications.


    Baton Rouge Car Crash Attorneys

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