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Rules for Reporting Car Accidents in Louisiana

  • If you’ve never been in a vehicle wreck in Louisiana, then you probably don’t know what the rules are regarding reporting an auto accident. If the police arrive on the scene, you don’t have to worry about reporting it, but otherwise, it is your legal responsibility, in most cases, to report the wreck to the local authorities.

    Continue reading for the exact rules on this subject.

    What Does the Law Say About Reporting Auto Wrecks in Louisiana?

    Drivers involved in a vehicle collision in the state of Louisiana must report the accident if it results in more than $500 in property damage, or if a person has been injured or killed.

    If the accident occurs within a city’s limits, you will need to report the crash to the city’s police department. If the crash occurred outside of a city area, you must report the wreck to the nearest sheriff’s department or state police station.

    In addition, if the accident resulted in at least $100 in property damage, or if it resulted in death or injury to a person, then you must submit a written accident report to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections within 24 hours of the wreck. Failure to abide by this law can result in a fine of $100, up to 60 days jail, or both.

    Have You Been Injured in a Car Crash in Louisiana?

    When you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, you may be owed monetary compensation for the property damage and personal injuries you’ve sustained. Filing an injury case can allow you to hold a negligent party accountable for hurting you in a vehicle collision.

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