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How Are Defective Product Suits Different from Other Injury Cla

  • Product liability is the area of personal injury law that deals with products that injure consumers. When a manufacturer creates a product and you are hurt by that product, you may have cause to seek financial damages from the company.

    The main types of product liability cases are discussed below.


    Types of Defective Product Cases

    Here are the main types of product liability cases:

    • Defective Design – A product’s actual design is defective. An example could be an SUV that is prone to rollover accidents because it is far too top-heavy.
    • Defective Manufacturing – There was nothing wrong with the design of the product, but during manufacturing, a defect occurred. Example: a crossed wire in a kitchen appliance that caused a fire and injured someone.
    • Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings or Instructions – There was nothing wrong with a product, but because you weren’t properly warned of a risk, you were injured. For instance, you were prescribed a medication but weren’t told that using that medication in conjunction with drinking coffee could cause a dangerous increase in blood pressure.


    What Makes These Cases Different?

    These cases are different from other injury claims because you are seeking compensation from a large company with deep pockets and a team of lawyers. If you expect to win a case like this, you will likely need some help creating a solid case and gathering evidence to prove your injury claim.

    That’s why many people who have been injured by defective products partner with product liability attorneys.


    Speak with a Product Liability Attorney About Your Case

    Defective product suits are more complex than other injury claims, and suing a manufacturer isn’t an easy thing to do. To boost your chance of a successful outcome in your case, get in touch with with a product liability lawyer at Mahoney & Mahoney, LLC. We’re happy to consult with you about your case during a free initial case review.

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